Short Eared Owl portrait

Short Eared Owl portrait

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The short-eared owl occurs on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. It is partially migratory, moving south in winter.

The short-eared owl  is a species of typical owl . 

known as the eared owls, as they have tufts of feathers resembling mammalian ears. These “ear” tufts may or may not be visible.

A medium-sized owl measuring 34–43 cm in length and weighing 206–475 g. It has large eyes, a big head, a short neck, and broad wings.Its bill is short, strong, hooked and black. Plumage is mottled tawny to brown with a barred tail and wings.


It will also wander nomadically in search of better food supplies during years when vole populations are low.

Hunting occurs mostly at night, Its daylight hunting seems to coincide with the high-activity periods of voles, its preferred prey.

Several owls may hunt over the same open area.