Doe on the run

Doe on the run

A female (doe) deer running across a field.

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The fallow deer is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae.

This species is native to Europe and can be seen in different colour variations such as cream, brown, black and white.


Adult male fallow deer  are generally 84 – 94 cm at the shoulder and weigh 46 – 94kg.

Females (does) are 73 – 91cm at the shoulder and weigh 35 – 56kg. This places them in size between roe and red deer.


Stags maintain a traditional, defended rutting stand to attract sufficient does to herd them into a harem. During the rut bucks groan tremendously and does with fawns give a short bark when alarmed.

After mating, adult does give birth to a single fawn in June or July after a gestation of 229 days. Stags generally live for 8 – 10 years although they can live as long as 16 years.